Back To School September

September is well under way. Almost universally the month of school resumption after the Long Holiday (summer holiday), the arrival of September brings a cold knot to the insides of secondary school students. They can be seen everywhere, carrying their bags and boxes, along with the required mops and brooms.

I remember bits of my days in secondary school. In the car on the way to school, my heart rate would double when my dad turned onto the express road leading to the school. It took a while after leaving the school, to control the involuntary adrenaline rush that I experienced on that particular express road. I remember the apprehension I felt, being dropped off in school for the first time. When my mother came to see me a few days later, I was in tears, begging to go home with her. Eventually I got used to school, even grew to like it. I had my activities, my friends and colleagues whom I still remember fondly. Oh, and enemies too- everyone had one of those, right?

Taking my sibling back to school this month brought back memories. Memories of a scrawny kid in colored check outfits that were several sizes too big, looking and feeling like the JJC (johnny just come), and crying alone in the dark after Mom, Dad and Siblings had gone home.

This post is dedicated to all secondary school students, especially those leaving home for the first time, and those going to a new school. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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