Sue Me, P-Square

I am currently on a 6 or 7-hour journey via public transport. I’m up front with the driver, who is playing very loud music to maintain his concentration. I have been subjected to highlife, Igbo Christian music (a whole different beast, and I’d just like to remind us all that “omnipotent” is not pronounced OMINIpotent, gah!) and P-Square’s latest album. As a result of this, I have some thoughts about P-Square and their music.

1. Who told them that “testimony” and “taste the money” rhyme? It’s appalling. Hearing that song is like scratching my nails on a chalkboard- viscerally irritating. I bet they say “I’m tasty” when they mean “I’m thirsty”. No.

2. Why is it always about love with them? “Ije love”, “I’m begging you please”, “MMS: Mugu Money Spender”. Ugh.

3. P-Square songs have a very definite shelf life. I loved “Personally” when it came out, but now I’m over it.

4. Their song with T.I. was such a bore. They might have paid him to be on their track, and he just came on and mumbled a few words. I guess having a foreign rapper is a status thing, but… They should ask for a rebate.

5. Only tangentially related to P-Square: Don Jazzy really is King Midas- everything he touches is amazing. And when he sings on the track, he makes everything that much better.

So. Come at me, bros.

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