Say What?

Today’s wtf mother-in-law is presented courtesy of Nairaland:

Please help me. I went to visit my fiance at his village because there was a family occasion going on. I arrived two days before the occasion and stayed for three days after the occasion.

Each time I want to take my bath, my would-be mother-in-law will carry her bucket and want us to bath together. I’ve been avoiding her but it is getting out of hand.

What does she want to see? What is her motive? Please I need solutions to this problem.

What. What is going on? What is wrong with people? How does an adult think it’s remotely okay to walk into a bathroom where someone else is trying to shower? What?

The comments on that article are ridiculous, with people suggesting that the MIL is only trying to inspect the lady, and that she shouldn’t be put off since she has nothing to hide. To which I say: inspect? Is she some sort of livestock or slave that has to be inspected for defects? What is wrong with people who think like this?

I can’t imagine anyone asking to shower with me in such a non-consensual, creepy way. I couldn’t even stay in that house if it happened more than once. People have such weird tolerance for bullshit.

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