Birthday Post

It’s my birthday!

I’ve been off traveling, too busy taking in the sights of Europe to blog. I apologize to my readers, and I promise to attempt to be semi-regular in putting up posts. See all the hedging I did there?

I self-reflect on my birthday. Usually I flit and float through the day, receiving birthday wishes and gifts as they come, but in the night, I turn inward. It can be quite melancholy, thinking, So I’m a year older. Do I now know who I am? Do I know what I want? Where am I?

I may not be where I want to be (wherever that is) but I’ve had a lot of blood, sweat, tears and laughter on the road to where I am now. When the joy and laughter outweigh the tears, that’s a good life.

Here’s to many more laughter-filled years for me, and for you.

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