This NYSC Is Some Bullshit

I was walking around the camp, looking to collect my NYSC ID card, and ended up in the camp stadium. After a fruitless search, I was on my way out, when I was stopped by a man in a tracksuit.

He introduced himself as Coach Wale (names not changed to shame the guilty), congratulated me on finishing from the camp, and wished me a favorable posting, I accepted all that, thanked him. Then, the real gist started.

He started by telling me how he was a level 12 civil servant, and was ready to help me out when I got posted to wherever. He said that he would be able to help me out with accommodation and transportation, just for the night, all I had to do was call him. I stood there nodding, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

This decrepit old man outright propositioned me, telling me that he was a sportsman, and sportsmen are always sexually active, and that when I had a taste of him, I would be the one calling him to tell him that I need him.

I can’t even begin to describe the disgust I felt listening to this bullshit. Everytime I tried to walk away, he would pull me back by the hand. I did a threat assessment, weighing the pros and cons of kneeing him in the groin and walking away. I didn’t feel comfortable going on the offensive, as the stadium was emptying rapidly, and not enough people were there to help if things got really bad.

Eventually I turned and walked away, and this atrocity kept following me, spilling more drivel. I ended up giving him a phone number I don’t use, just to get him to leave me alone.

To think that this is the meaning of serving my fatherland, that corpers, female corpers, are nothing but easy prey to some people. This program is way more harm than good, and I cannot wait for it to be over.

Heaven forbid I ever get so desperate, to fuck some dirty old man just to have somewhere to sleep. And the bowels of hell will open up and swallow any depraved person who takes such cruel advantage of anyone like that.

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2 thoughts on “This NYSC Is Some Bullshit

  1. Crazy old men. We are going from good to bad in this society. Its not only in nysc but everywhere. Women are seen as sex preys.,and these men would do eveything they can to make sure they get you,threatening and all because they know they have more power than you do. Later some men would tell you that the girls are the ones inviting the assault by the way they dress. Look at what is happening in the north,all the young girls found pregnant even with the way they cover thier body. I cant even voice out how exactly i feel but thanks for the post Tobe. I thought i was the only one bothered about the increasing view of women by men as merely sex tools.

    1. Can you imagine, the man actually called me late last night, possibly to confirm whether I had got a place to sleep, or if I was sufficiently desperate as to follow him. Lucky for him that I was asleep ALONE in a large air-conditioned hotel bed that I paid for, or I would have yelled at him, given him something to think about.
      The heart of man is truly wicked.

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