I Am Not Responsible For Anyone’s Genitals Except Mine

I knew it was a mistake to click on the article, but I did anyway, out of morbid curiosity. The comments were expectedly infuriating.

A disappointing majority of people blamed the wife in some way. There were those who said that it was the wife’s fault for having a maid, with some (males, because of course) saying that any woman who has a maid is lazy.

They said, why have a maid when you know that the man can be tempted?

What I don’t understand is: how am I, as a woman and wife, supposed to be held responsible for a man’s wandering penis? It’s mind-boggling, the extent to which people will go to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. My partner slept with another person, an employee of our joint household, and that’s my fault? So, in addition to handling the lion’s share of the cooking, cleaning and general domestic upkeep because of my gender, I’m also to blame if my husband screws the maid? Unbelievable.

The most alarming thing is that a lot of men think this way. These men are married, or will get married at some point, and will burden some woman with this attitude, screw any passing skirt and still blame it on the women.

Lord help us all.

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One thought on “I Am Not Responsible For Anyone’s Genitals Except Mine

  1. I sense the underlying issue because I am just now graduating from having it- an almost paralyzing fear of marriage. Trust me, I’ve been there.
    First off, calm down. You’re working yourself up over something that might never happen. Yes there are people like that. Yes there are also people who think beating a person is alright and beating women Is expected. Yes there are people who think rape can be rationalized but it’s just sex and you will enjoy it eventually so why bother. It is not your problem sweetie. Do not give yourself an ulcer because of them.
    Second, before the tongues begin to wag, before everyone seriously gets in your face about wedding asoebi, make a list of the qualities you want in a man, the qualities you’d like him to possess and begin to pray.
    Third, if marriage still scares the shit out of you after a time, remember- it is not a must to get married. It should be mutually beneficial.
    But mostly, calm down.


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