What I Should Have Said

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Break the Silence

The last time I censored my thoughts was at a family event in honor of my parents. Family, friends and well wishers were everywhere. I’d just started making the rounds, greeting people, and I saw an aunt. I hugged and greeted her, and then she said, “What are you doing about your weight? You should be watching your diet, you know, cut out bread and sweets…” and she went on and on until I punched her in the mouth.

No, I didn’t punch her in the mouth. I didn’t even try to contradict her. Instead, I smiled and nodded, and agreed that carbohydrates were the devil. Here’s what I should have said instead:

Auntie, stop. Just stop. Every single time I see you, you have some hypercritical thing to say about how I look or who I am. How is it any of your business how much I weigh? Why did you feel the need to tell me how you felt about my body? It’s my body, I live in it, and I actually know how it works and what it wants to be.

Do you really think that I, a doctor, do not know how to lose weight? Any fool would start with “eat less, move more” and work from there. FYI, I weigh less now than I did the last time you saw me. So not only are you nosy and bitter, you are just plain wrong.

Next time you see me, smile, hug me, ask about my latest project (or don’t do all that, I don’t care), and then, hold your peace. Because the next time you assault me with some stupid criticism, I will let you have the tongue lashing you deserve.

*mic drop* *static*

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8 thoughts on “What I Should Have Said

    1. I was still thinking about it days after it happened, and when I saw the daily post prompt, I knew what I had to do- write about it. People in my family who read this blog are already asking which aunt it was… Sigh.

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