People Peeves

This is a short list of the things people do that piss me off:

  • Large people taking up a whole row in a bus and expecting someone slimmer to squeeze in to complete the number.
  • People spitting in public.
  • People playing their crappy music out loud in public places. This is what ear buds are for.
  • People (men) cat calling me or making stupid comments when I’m just trying to catch a bus. Can I live.
  • People (family) taking my food and not replacing it.
  • People blowing up group messaging chats with stupid stuff.
  • People visiting other people’s homes without calling first.

Basically, I’m an antisocial grump who would like everyone to leave me alone? Ugh.

P.S: I’m actually really not this crabby, just dealing with a lot of situations.

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11 thoughts on “People Peeves

  1. Toby My Mordsith!

    Oya come to Papa, just a hug and the cloud is gone.


    Meanwhile I see this is no longer a rendezvous for you and I alone.

    Business is booming!


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