Soylent, Maybe?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Red Pill, Blue Pill.”

Here’s the question: If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

Short answer: God, yes.

Slightly longer answer: I was all prepared to write a post defending why I wouldn’t, but after the past few days I’ve had? I would, and here’s why.

I love to cook, let’s get that fact out of the way. I get bored of the staple dishes in my country, so I’m always scouring online recipes and cookbooks for the next delicacy to prepare. Everything about the process gives me joy: making the list of ingredients to purchase, preparing everything ahead of time and setting them out mise-en-place, following the recipe and tasting along the way, and finally, settling down with a cold drink to eat (ha!) the fruits of my labor. Those staple dishes I mentioned are carbohydrate-laden, so I’m all about protein, finding new tasty ways to prepare chicken and fish.

I was going to answer this question by declaring, No, no nutrient pills for me. I would have called on the unique process of getting foodstuff from the farm to the table, and argued that the process of making the food, and the act of savoring the taste of the food, are as equally important (or maybe even more) as the simple fact of filling the belly.

HOWEVER. I would like the option of nutrient pills, yes.

It’s difficult to plan healthy eating. It’s even more difficult when cooking for more than one person, or when life throws so much stuff at you that you can barely find time to brush your teeth before rushing out the door. In the past few days, my life has been one endless cycle of cooking, eating, washing up, attending to actual important stuff for a few hours, looking up and realizing, Oh shit, it’s time to cook again. Cycle of cooking, eating, washing dishes and hoping for the sweet release of death.

Nutrient pills sound awesome right about now. I wouldn’t want them to completely replace the process of cooking and eating, because I think that cooking is something that makes humans different from other animals, but they sure would be a great option to have. If you were too sick to cook, or too stressed out or busy to, you could pop a pill while looking forward to the next time you could make a hearty meal.

What’s your take? Pills, food- or some happy medium? Sound out in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Soylent, Maybe?

  1. Toby, you wrote this article for me, like your question is directed at ME and my answer is YES, I would totally choose pills over food right now.
    My reason is, I find it difficult to cook and eat all by myself. If someone else isn’t depending on me for nutrition then cooking becomes a problem for me. When I do cook, I store my plenty plenty food up in the freezer and it takes grace for me to end up finishing that stash. I can’t eat well on my own, even if I have enough food I made and sometimes, I just don’t feel like deriving my nutrition from cooked meals. I’d sometimes say stuff like “I wish I didn’t have to eat to live or I’ll survive on liquid diet for a while because I’m tired of food. So, for these trying times when there’s no “ginger” for me to cook and eat all by myself, I’d gladly EMBRACE the nutrient pill option.

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