The Thing on Your Head

Every lady who has ever got braids done knows my present sorrow. You go to the braider’s place free and unencumbered, and stagger out holding your head and neck, thinking, What have I done?

See, what you did was to have someone install several packs of hair onto the small surface area of your scalp, making your head heavier than it has any right to be. You had to literally hold your head up with your hands on the way home, because your poor neck couldn’t carry the increased weight.

When you got home, head aching and neck sore, you couldn’t even sleep well, because of the damn braids. You had to find a way to lay your head down without lying on the braids, and you kept waking up to adjust your head.

I got braids yesterday, in case the inspiration for this post was a mystery. I really hope my neck can carry my head without support soon.

Happy November!

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