15 Days of Darkness, Indeed

A news item has been making the rounds, claiming that the earth will be plunged into darkness from November 15 to November 30, 2015. This is apparently due to an astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter.

According to Newswatch33- the origin of the news item- actually, never mind. I was going to embed direct quotes explaining how the giant ball of fire that has existed for centuries would temporarily be snuffed out for 15 days, then resume emitting light and heat as though nothing had happened, but I don’t have to because…


How can anyone believe this stuff?

First, I’m not an astronomer; I took high school physics and I can deduce that the science does not hold up. There’s absolutely no logic to it.

Second, googling Newswatch33 brings up the fact that it’s a fake news website, that has spread some hoaxes in its time. That’s like believing what you read in The Onion, or those websites that periodically announce that Pope Francis is secretly gay and part of a global conspiracy to bring Christendom to its knees.

Third, the people believing and spreading this stupid rumor presumably have access to the Internet, where the second item on a Google search result is the Snopes.com article debunking the rumor. There’s the actual dark part of this story, that people will believe anything that sounds remotely plausible, without bothering to check the source and details.

The sun is not going out for 15 days. This isn’t The Purge: Anarchy where darkness falls across the land and lawlessness ensues. Anyone who believes this is welcome to place bets with me.

Wanna bet?

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