Oversharing Is Not Caring

Everyone wants to live their best life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitpic or whatever app is the current mirror of Narcissus. This involves documenting and reporting the perfect dinners, trips with bae, disembodied fingers with the caption ” I said yes!”, the bridal shower extravaganza, the picture-perfect wedding, the cute baby bump, and the sweaty new mum….

*record scratching*

Every so often, I see a disturbing picture up on someone’s social media feed. There’s the smiling father, probably with the hospital staff. Then there’s the new mom, hair disheveled, still sweating and/or crying from the exertion of pushing an actual human from her body. Or the woman underwent a cesarean section, and is still on the operating table with the bloody instruments visible. Let’s not forget the newborn, still covered in various fluids, probably hasn’t had their first feed yet. Yes, people. The delivery room pictures are now a thing.


Can’t they wait to take the picture? Probably till the newborn has been fed and the mom has taken a nap, washed her face, maybe even brushed her hair for the picture? What is wrong with people that the next thing they think of is taking a picture when the woman is at her most exhausted and most vulnerable, and then putting that picture up for the world to see?

I can guarantee that anyone who comes at me with a camera, phone or any other device at that point in time, will be directed to sweep up the pieces off the floor.

What do you think?

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