“You’re Pregnant for Whom?”

Walking past the television last night, I caught a glimpse of the movie that was playing. In that scene, a young girl was telling her boyfriend that she was pregnant. The boy asked, “Pregnant? For whom?” She said, “Have you forgotten? It’s your baby.” Cue the boy vehemently denying that they’d ever had sex, calling her a prostitute, and warning her to stay far away from him.

Does this happen a lot, or have I just seen it in too many movies? If a man has/is having sexual relations (will never not hear that phrase said in Bill Clinton’s voice) with a woman, is it an improbability that pregnancy might occur, especially when no precautions were taken? Why go as far as denying it and slandering the woman for the crime of sleeping with him? It’s even worse when the two are in an exclusive relationship: it can’t be anyone else’s baby, and the question is stupid and insulting.

I just…don’t know how anyone would be chickenshit enough to deny a pregnancy they know they had a part in creating. Even if the pregnancy is a total disaster, accepting it is the first step to figuring out what to do about it. Of course, only men have the luxury of denial; the person gestating a soon-to-be person has no choice than to deal with it.

That scene in the movie why we need better reproductive healthcare and education , so that there would be no unwanted pregnancy, and there would be a Plan B if it did.

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7 thoughts on ““You’re Pregnant for Whom?”

    1. Hmmm. You know, they say you find what you’re looking for, that’s why it’s not usually a great idea to test people like that.
      Claiming a nonexistent pregnancy to see if a man is a runner might have the unintended effect of sending him fleeing, not because of the pregnancy, but because of the fact that the lady lied to him about something as grave as a pregnancy, a potential child.
      It’s like, “If she can lie about this, what else could she lie about?”

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