Google Doodles

Anyone else really love Google Doodles? I open the search page to look something up, and what’s this? An interesting drawing with something educational attached.


Image courtesy Google

On November 30, St Andrew is very busy, being the patron saint of Scotland, Greece, Russia, Amalfi in Italy, Barbados, as well as of fishmongers, fishermen, women wanting to be mothers, singers, spinsters, maidens, sore throats and gout. Take me, St Andrew, I’m a gouty sore-throated fishmonger! Ahem.

Also, Nigeria has some dedicated doodles, which can be seen here. We got one for the elections in March, which I really liked.


Image courtesy Google

There are even interactive doodles, where you click on them and something happens. It’s a pretty fun way to spend a few minutes online, especially great for procrastinating.

Today’s doodle celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th year. Even if you’re not sure who he is, you’ll probably recognize his most popular works. When you click on ithe doodle, you play a game where you help him save his work from being destroyed, and get him to the concert hall on time. This one is giving me so much joy, as someone who studied music.

When next you hit Google up, take a moment to look at their logo, click on it. You’re sure to be amused and/or educated.

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