2015 In Review: My Year Was A Disaster

It’s the last day of the year! And what a year 2015 was. Let’s review, shall we?
The year 2015 started off great. I finished my internship, passed my national board exams and travelled through Europe. That high didn’t last long. In short order, I was faced with having to move to another state, the slow-mo implosion of a long term relationship, the erosion of my finances, the deterioration of my physical and mental health, and a shitty, unrewarding job.
2015 was probably the roughest year of my life.  All year I’ve been wishing for it to be done, and it finally is.
It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Somewhere in this cloud of despair that was my life, I decided to take a hobby and turn it into a freelance business. I’m a freelance writer, blogger, editor and proofreader for hire. If you want something written, or checked for errors, contact me.
I’m happy to announce that this blog is now fully self-hosted. *insert applause* It’s been so much work on the backend, putting a new website up without going completely offline. Worse (or better?), I’m doing it myself, even writing code where necessary. I plan to make this blog your favorite place to read timely, relevant articles about life and the world in general, and about some specific topics as well.
I have a whole lot planned for my writing, and this website, in the coming year; I’m hitting the ground running. You’ll be seeing some ads and other monetization strategies to keep the lights on. I’m so excited to be building this business, and I hope you continue to cheer me on.
Keep in touch with me in 2016, across any of these channels:
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Here’s to the year gone by, and I wish you a happy, successful 2016!

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