Prophecy: Is It By Force?

Prophecy is not by force


Prophecy (n.):  a prediction, or a magical look into the future.

Prophesy (v.): to predict or reveal something that will happen in the future. Definitions are according to

We know the drill. As a new year rolls in, everyone comes out of the woodwork to prophesy. It’s one pastor or the other, telling us what will (probably) happen in the coming year, and what we should pray against.
My agnostic side might be showing, but I think these yearly prophecies are bunk. They are insanely easy to deny. If they come to pass, it’s “I told you so”. If they don’t, “Well, that was the point of the prophecy, to pray and avert the calamity”.
It’s really annoying how most of the so-called prophecies are so vague, they’re almost meaningless. Some of them are not so much prophecies as common-sense extrapolation of things that are already happening.

Buhari’s administration will have more problems by removing the oil subsidy. If care is not taken, we are going to buy fuel at N200 per litre. The removal of oil subsidy will spur militant youths to damage pipelines to steal products for sale.

We already bought petrol at N200 and even more in 2015. This is not a prophecy. Rather, it’s irritating to people who actually had to queue up for the privilege of buying fuel at up to 4 times the regular price.

Nigeria army (thus used) will not be able to defeat Boko Haram if the air force is not fully involved. They can only defeat the insurgents with combined air and ground assaults and using satellites to target their leaders.

Wars are not won on one front alone; usually, battles would be fought on land, air, and sea. This is not a prophecy, it is basic military strategy.

The Halliburton case will come up again.

Is this a prophecy?
I could go on and on, picking out and highlighting the ridiculous statements that have floated around in the past few days. Let me just mention that the same man who made these prophecies above, also had prophecies for 2015 that were utterly debunked.
There’s this particular one, though, that really chaps my hide, and prompted this whole article. Here it is below:

A new sexually transmitted disease will surface this year.

Full stop. No how, when or why.
This bothers me so much, as a scientist and a logical person.
The most obvious contention is that this is not remotely original. Scientists discover new diseases every day. A lot of people are perfectly fine until one day, they find out they’ve lived with a previously unidentified disease.
The second issue I take is that there are many sexually transmitted diseases out there. Some of them are deadly, some are mild to moderate irritants. Telling us that a new sexually transmitted disease will be discovered hardly tells us anything. How deadly will it be? Will it be the syphilis of the past, or the present scourge of HIV/AIDS? That statement is almost meaningless from a medical point of view.
I don’t know why it has become the norm, for people to come out and say all sorts of things in the name of prophecy. It makes a mockery of the concept. It turns people off. Why say anything at all?
Am I the only one who feels this way? Are you for or against the New Year prophecies? Air your opinion in the comments!
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