Why Are People So Inconsiderate?

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We know all about the seven cardinal sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. They are called cardinal or capital sins, because they are the origin of all other vices. I’m guilty of one or two- I mean, lying in bed all day is my jam, so… #sloth

There is one I think is missing- the eighth sin– that is the origin of terrible things in the society today: inconsideration.

People are so inconsiderate.

Consideration is being careful of the rights and feelings of others. It’s asking, “If I do this, how will it affect people around me?” It goes hand in glove with the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Picture a public transit scene: bus or train. Someone has spread themselves out to occupy two seats, while people are standing. The spreader doesn’t think: People are standing, I should adjust myself to make room for someone to sit. All it takes is that one question: What if I were in the other person’s shoes?

You’re looking for parking space. You’ve been driving around for ages, with no luck. all over the place, cars are parked so that they take up two spots instead of one. It would have cost very little for the drivers to park in the allotted space, so that other people would have somewhere to park as well.

Inconsideration is a cause of many societal vices. The examples above may seem like minor irritations, but the premise can be applied to major issues as well.

A group of men are standing at the curb, harrassing women, or perhaps mugging people. Why can’t they think, “How would I feel if someone threatened me like this, when I was just going about my business?” They wouldn’t be happy, so why do it to someone else?

Someone takes a gun into a public place and opens fire on people. It never crosses their minds to wonder how they’d feel being cut down, how the families of their victims would feel.

The obvious answer to that is that people have become blind to anything other than themselves. It seems to be getting worse with time. Self-preservation and selfisness are normal human traits; looking out for number 1 is probably the only reason we’ve survived this long. but this is more.

Illustration of a man swearing in a thought bubble

People will do anything without a thought as to how others around them would feel about it. The lack of empathy in the world today is really scary. From minor annoyances that merely disturb the peace, to outcomes that threaten the lives of other people, it seems like nobody cares as long as they get theirs.

Yelling in public. Threatening women. Double parking. Playing loud music. Mass murder. All these can be linked back to inconsideration, and disregarding the rights and feelings of others.

People think anything is okay as long as it serves them and their purpose, others be damned. People are teaching their kids that other people’s feelings are of no consequence. This menace is only getting worse with time, and I’m scared to imagine what the world is becoming.

Do you feel that people are getting more inconsiderate? Why do you think this is happening? What do you think we can do to fix this? Let’s talk in the comments.


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