Weekly Roundup, Week 11


Hello! It’s another weekend- time zooms by. Welcome to the weekly roundup, week 11.

Let’s begin with breakfast, because I’m hungry.

The New York Times makes a compelling argument for having a good breakfast before leaving the house in Seize The Morning: The Case For Breakfast.

Let us stipulate: No one has time to cook breakfast. There are buses and trains to catch, cars to get started, errands to run before the boss starts checking her watch and everything gets tense. Someone needs to go to the gym before work or run a few miles, get the dry cleaning, walk the dog. … You’re tired.
Do it anyway. Wake up 15 minutes before you usually do and see how easily the sacrifice play can lead to a win: a pile of buttered toast with jam; bowls of yogurt adorned with granola and fresh-cut fruit; some quick pancakes with maple syrup, nuts and dried fruit; a skillet of soft scrambled eggs.

Oh my. That sounds wonderful.

On the Washington Post, a heartwarming story: Lost at sea and presumed dead, this dog miraculously found its way home.

Just sitting there, wagging her tail. Like, ‘Hey guys, I’m a little hungry.

The poor thing was lost for 5 weeks, and still made it. Stories of lost and found animals always get me in the feels.

Jezebel has the story of a father who posed as a teenaged boy on Instagram and extorted nude photos from his daughter. His own baby girl. Human beings are so vile. To make this story even more rage-inducing, the man was sexually abusing his daughter in real life, and the online aspect was only found during the ensuring investigation.

Also on the Washington Post, 4 longtime friends anticipate turning 100 this year.

By age 92, the women thought they had seen it all. But then something happened that they would never have predicted.

“That a black man became president of the United States,” Barnes said softly. It was, she said, the best thing that ever happened to her. “I never thought in my wildest dreams that that would ever happen. That’s how far down we were.”

Butler shook her head. “I just wish that some of my parents and my sisters and my relatives could have been here to witness it.”

“The Lord carry me home, I carry that with me,” said Underwood.

At the same time, they’ve been around long enough to know that the path to justice can be uneven. Asked about the current presidential campaign, they shook their heads.

“I look at the paper and we might be going back to the same old days,” Barnes said.

Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Have a good weekend!

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