Stop Lugging Giant Perfume Bottles Around

Have you ever travelled with a huge bottle of perfume because you didn’t have any travel-size bottles of scent on hand? I have. It was such a pain, carrying a full bottle of perfume for a week-long trip- it even spilled a little (a lot) in my luggage.

I don’t do that anymore. Travalo changed me.

The Travalo range of perfume atomizers is an absolute beauty. Several colors are available, making it the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

These refillable bottles are pretty and functional. They are really easy to use: no more trying (and failing) to pour perfume from a bigger bottle into a smaller one.

I started out by buying one of these, in purple, and I’ve bought three more in red, black and blue for family and friends who saw it and had to have it.

Each little spray atomizer holds 50 sprays of perfume (some hold 65) which is enough for most trips.

Instead of having your full-size bottle of perfume confiscated at the airport or stolen (happened to my dad), try Travalo and be blown away.

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