Weekly Roundup, Week 19


Hello, lovely people! It’s another cool Saturday morning, which means it’s time for my Weekly Roundup.

  • Over at the Washington Post, This London receptionist refused to wear heels, was dismissed from her job, and is suing. Good for her, I say. I love heels. They are so pretty to look at. They are not fun on the bones of the feet- there is medical documentation of the damage heels can do to the spine and lower body over time. Wearing heels definitely shouldn’t be compulsory, and shouldn’t be a condition of employment.
  • I think I’ve linked to Marc and Angel‘s 20 Things To Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough before. I’ve been dealing with some negativity,and these words help to restore my equilibrium. All their posts are optimistic and encouraging.
  • Over on Hubspot, this gem: 13 Skills You Can Teach Yourself For Free. So many resources on typing faster, reading faster, becoming a better writer, learning to code… I’m definitely going to be referring to this post a lot.
  • Via the Washington Post, a 70-year old woman just gave birth with the help of reproductive technology. This has sparked a fierce debate on how old is too old to keep trying for a child, and the ethical and moral implications of such late childbearing. I think 70 is way too old to take on the responsibility of bringing a life into this world. These elderly parents cannot be certain of seeing the child through to adulthood, and it would be a sad thing if they died of old age, leaving the child to suffer as an orphan. What do you think?

What were your reactions to these bits of news and information? Please let me know in the comments. Have a peaceful weekend!

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