Predictions, Revisited


A few months ago, I participated in a WordPress prompt that asked us to look into the future. I looked 17 weeks and 3 days ahead, and tried to predict what I would be doing then.

This might come as a shock (not really), but my guess was all wrong.

Yesterday, I woke up in an unfamiliar place. The birds’ screeching was not the sound I knew. I opened the blinds and looked out. I was on another continent, thousands of miles away from home.

Yesterday was the first day of my vacation. It’s a vacation I wasn’t expecting, but I took anyway. I couldn’t have predicted it when I wrote that post in response to the challenge.

It just goes to show, we can’t be certain of knowing what’s coming. A month from now, we might be exactly where we expect to be, or we might be somewhere wildly different.

Some things in my Predictions post were true. I did do my workout with the Skimble app, and I did have a giant cup of lovely black tea.

I suppose there’s some sort of moral lesson in this, but I’m too jetlagged to figure it out.

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